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 Each  Playalong  cost 19,90 €  or 21 US Dollar or 15 engl pounds

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a) mp3  Premium Backingtrack + 

b) mp3 my Melodie-Version +  

c) Notes /Sheets Transcribt in PDF for free

Some titles with second Sax Voice on Play along and Sheets/Notes

For each Title you have to pay 19,90 € or 21 Dollar or 15 engl pounds


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Stefan Lamml Germany 92336 Hohenfels


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You pay 3 Playalongs and you get "5" Playalongs

3 Playalongs to>  PAYPAL 39,80 €   (49 US Dollar) 39,00 engl pounds   (instead 83,70 €...10 €) 

5 Playalongs to>PAYPAL 59,90  (65 US Dollar) 57,00 engl, pounds ( instead  89,50 €...39,10 € SAVE)

10 Playalongs to> PAYPAL 139,90   ( 149 US Dollar ) 109 engl Pounds (instead 199 € ) Save!!!

15 Playalongs to> PAYPAL 199,90 you pay 10 for 15 Premium Playalongs

 or acount Konto to Stefan Lamml

IBAN DE08760300800210343100 Paribas Consors


Stefan Lamml Germany 92336 Hohenfels


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